How we started
  • Rob films ‘The Outside View’ documentary. On the way to edit the film he has a car accident where he loses half his spleen. Three weeks later 200 people view the premiere at the Barbican. The documentary is released on the same day as Iron Man 3. Rob realises there’s a reason why Robert Downey Jr is a movie star and he isn’t.

    Dec 2012
  • Rob and Chris co-found The Outside View. With the help of Simon they raise 200k from friends and family in seed funding. Begin to understand that talking very fast about machine learning doesn’t lead to potential customers. Build a slide deck.

    Sept 2013
  • Win first client, Knight Frank. Knight Frank partner, Noel Flint, explains in a video why he’s impressed with the product. Other estate agents start working with us.

    Jan 2014
  • Software is launched with multiple estate agents. Team shares a glass of champagne before deciding coding is more accurate between one and two glasses but less accurate after three.

    Oct 2014

Our Clients

The Product


We accurately predict which houses will sell in an estate agent’s pipeline and also when the house will sell.


We recommend the people who are most likely to buy a property in an estate agent’s portfolio.


We predict which people are most likely to sell their house in the next 180 days. Estate Agents can then choose to market to those properties.

About us

In recent years, sales and marketing has moved beyond traditional demographics or segmentation towards using analytics to predict events.

The Outside View is building a product that predicts one of the most lucrative events of all: When somebody will move house.


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